George LLoyd-Jones





Iedereen die professioneel bezig is met kunst, volgt de John Moores Painting Prize, een internationale, prestigieuze prijs in Groot-Brittannië voor hedendaagse schilderkunst, ooit gewonnen door Peter Doig en David Hockney. 

In 2016, amper twee jaar nadat George Lloyd Jones afstudeerde aan de University of Brighton waar hij Fine Art Painting volgde, werd de piepjonge kunstenaar uit 2500 inzendingen genomineerd voor deze ‘Oscar van de hedendaagse schilderkunst’.  Een jaar later werd hij vernoemd in ‘Artists and Illustators Magazine’ als ‘Emerging Artist to watch’.

George’s schilderijen verkennen een sfeervolle, energieke wereld. Gewaagde kleuren en vormen glijden tussen het narratieve en de abstractie. George Lloyd-Jones werkt obsessief en vastberaden aan een bijzonder persoonlijke beeldtaal.

George Lloyd-Jones : ‘The aim of my painting practice is to provide the viewer with a similar source of energy like I feel from my subject matter; plants, trees, family, friends, the bond with a faithful hound, sunlight, shadows, colour and pattern are all sources of this inexplicable energy and therefore these things resonate through my work. I have only come to realise full power of this energy since becoming very sick several years ago with an auto immune disease. For the majority of the time since then, painting has been the primary channel through which I can connect with my physical world, it has permitted me to feel like I can take an active role in my own life rater than just exist as a vessel of the disease and its greedy challenges.

When the human body becomes compromised, weak and starved of its necessities I believe that the energy you can receive from these outward sources becomes exaggerated, it has a far greater potential, like a vital nectar that drenches your very essence if you permit it to do so.
These paintings are not steeped in intellect or political comment, neither are they a sob story for my illness. They are a celebration of all things which nourish my soul and I hope that in turn I can relay some of that mysterious energy to my viewers.’